ICE FISHING RODS: Relishing Cool Fishing Time in Frozen Lands

An Overview: Ice Fishing

ice-fishing-homeThe term β€œice” in itself brings in a great amount of coolness and sooth in the minds and moods of people. Ice when associated with fishing simply energizes the moods of people. Ice Fishing is one of the most popular sport in Northern areas especially North America, Greenland, Norway, etc… It is considered to be one of those relaxing sport for which people definitely wait desperately. Winter time calls for infinite Ice Fishing. Ice fishing is basically a winter angler activity wherein people catch fishes with the help of specialized equipments in frozen lands of water. Though there are several types of fishing techniques; ice fishing stands out to be a unique one. There are several people who find this quite unappealing, but for ice fishing lovers nothing is best than this for them. People who dislike this often go in for open water fishing. During winter season, lands in northern regions are densely covered with snow. Basically snow forms above water areas. In such a scenario, people often prefer to walk over rather than utilizing a boat. By making a small hole in the frozen lands, users get an access to catch fishes deep down in the water.

The fishes that are generally aimed in summers are eventually getting caught in winters. Though ice fishing might come out to be unappealing to the viewers but there is something more to it. The fun of ice fishing is actually relished after experiencing it. Ice Fishing is one of those sports that can actually be relished along with family, friends and loved ones by staying away from the hustle and bustle of this busy world. It gives a cool and clean experience to fish along with breathing clean winter air. Ice Fishing calls for enormous safety. It is essential to practice it under supervision. But walking on ice is indeed a must try and unique experience.

Best Ice Fishing Rods Product Comparison & Reviews

Ice Fishing Rods Comparison
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St Croix
Stainless-steel guides.
Traditional cork handle.
Stainless steel guide frames with chromed rings
Exposed blank-through handle design
South Bend
\"Dynaflow Stipper Guides Stainless Steel Snake Guides\"
No-Flex EVA Handle
HT Enterprise
dark blue custom guide wrappings
comfortable Corkalon handles with rings for reel mounting
Eagle Claw
Large stainless steel guides
EVA handle
EVA handle
chrome guides
camo patterned EVA handle

Eagle_Claw_Cold_Smoke_Ice3Detailed Understanding: Ice Fishing Rods

There are different types of specialized equipments that are used for ice fishing. It is very essential to be aware of every minute detail with respect to these equipments. Ice fishing rods are popular equipments for ice fishing. The length of ice fishing rods is quite short for effective and accurate trap setting. Measuring between 24 to 36 inches, it is advisable to go in for shorter ones. Ice fishing rods are made with a short built to enable it for easy penetration through the small hole that is made through ice. Unlike regular fishing, ice fishermen do not require lure or bait for trapping fishes for long. The built and make of ice fishing rods is comparatively very simple than other fishing rods. There are numerous brands that manufacture ice fishing rods. Ice fishing rods are made up of composite materials. They are spinning type rods. Ice fishing reel is the main component in ice fishing rods. Hence these rods are made in a way that it well sets with ice fishing reel. Ice fishing rods are available and sold out along with ice fishing reels. There are wood made traditional ice fishing rods as well that are being used by certain people. Traditional ice fishing rods comprise of two hooks in base, fishing line and two to four fishing line guides.

Schooleys_Spring_Bobber_Pole2Functioning of Ice Fishing Rods

Before stepping ahead with ice fishing rods, it is very essential for users to follow certain precautionary measures. The following are some of them:

  1. People should not step out to fish alone.
  2. It is essential to inform someone responsible about the place and expected time to return back.
  3. It is essential to test the condition of ice with the help of spud.
  4. Do not forget to carry essentials like ice picks, life jacket, etc…,
  5. Users should not forget to carry cell phone.
  6. People should get into warmest outfits like jackets, overcoats, etc…, They should not forget to carry chocolate, tea, hot coffee and more importantly an old lawn chair or empty bucket.

Before initiating ice fishing, users should ensure to have specialized equipments for making hole in ice, clearing the hole and an equipment to fish. Spuds and augers are two basic and essential tools that are utilized for making holes. Spud appears like a chisel. Auger is a corkscrew like device that works like a hand drill for drilling hardest of the ice as well. After the hole is created, it is essential to clear ice chips or slush. This can be done with the help of skimmer. Skimmer is utilized for clearing the hole. Post this; ice fishing rod is now used for getting the fish out of water. There are three different equipments that can help in doing this. They are hook and line, spears and tip – ups. Ice fishing rods are short in length. The anglers used in ice fishing rods differ in size. It completely depends upon the size of fish. Strong anglers are used for fishing heavy weight fishes. Also it can accommodate baits easily.

Benefits of using Ice Fishing Rods

The following are the benefits of ice fishing rods:

  1. Ice fishing rods are heavily enjoyed as sports activity. It gives a great amount of fun and pleasure to people who do this.
  2. Ice fishing rods facilitate users to easily capture fishes of different sizes.
  3. Unlike other fishing rods, the user need not struggle much while ice fishing.
  4. Ice fishing can be enjoyed more than the traditional fishing. With such cool atmosphere, ice fishing becomes a great fun altogether.

HT Enterprises Ice Rod, 18-Inch, Ultra Light, Blue2How to select an ideal Ice Fishing Rod?

Before going in for ice fishing, it is essential for users to learn about different types of ice fishing rods. There are several brands that are highly indulged in manufacturing and providing premium ice fishing rods. Ice fishing not only includes the usage of ice fishing rods. Instead there are several other elements as well that facilitate smooth ice fishing experience. Firstly, it is essential to possess a fishing license. Users should be equipped with this license. Ice fishing rods comprise of hook and line, spears and tip – ups. Ice fishing reels, Rod holder, Skimmer, Tackle Box, Tip Up, Live Bait, Ice Fishing Jigs and Lures, Auger, portable heater, flasher, underwater camera, GPS, portable fish house, sled, bucket or chair, minnow bucket, lake map, flashlight, warm clothes, etc…, is necessary for ice fishing. It is essential to purchase an ideal ice fishing rod as per one’s needs and requirement. There is no point in loading with extremely large one unless and until it is required. Users should be keen towards selecting an appropriate ice fishing reel. This ensures to catch fishes easily.

Top Brands present in this segment:

clam_mackinaw_home1. Clam Mackinaw Ice Fishing Rod: Clam Mackinaw is a renowned brand as far as manufacturing and production of ice fishing rod is concerned. They produce premium quality and finish ice fishing rod. Clam Mackinaw Ice Fishing Rod has been developed and exclusively designed for lake trout. This is an ideal ice fishing rod for spinning and bait casting. The handle of this ice fishing rod is long enough to facilitate easy handling. This further reduces fatigue. The rod is available in three sizes namely 38 inches, 36 inches and 34 inches long.

celsius_frost_bite_home2. Celsius Frost Bite Ul Rod, Length: 24-Inch: Celsius Frost Bite UI Rod measures at 24 inches in length. This ultra light action rod is perfect enough for ice fishing. The rod has been made with fiberglass blank in order to catch fishes with accuracy. The additional features of this rod are chrome guides, graphite slide rings and camo patterned EVA handle.

ht_icm_24_iceman_home3. HT ICM-24 Iceman 24-Inch Medium Spin Ice Rod: Measuring at 24 inches, the HT ICM 24 Iceman Medium Spin Ice rod is simply efficient for ice fishing. The length of this rod is perfect enough for easy fishing in frozen land areas. Being a durable product, ice fishing rod ensures users to catch fishes with great ease. This rod comprises every basic feature that is required for ice fishing.

eagle_claw_cold_smoke_home4. Eagle Claw Cold Smoke Ice Ultralight Fishing Rod, 24-Inch, Water Camo: Eagle Claw has made a recognized position in the field of manufacturing ice fishing rods. Measuring at 24 inches and weight at 1.6 pounds, Eagle Claw Cold Smoke Ice Ultralight Fishing rod is perfectly made for ice fishing. The ice fishing rod comprise of EVA handle Graphite reel seat, S curve Rod Blank, four stainless steel guides for weight reduction and friction. The rod is equipped with its USP feature All Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Trokkar Hooks that are exclusively made in America.

schooleys_spring_bobber_home5. Schooley’s Spring Bobber Pole: Schooley’s Spring Boober Pole Fish is also ideal enough for ice fishing. It is equipped with star features namely Del Mar Reel, lure, spring bobber pole, etc…, Lure can easily detect any signs of fish bites on the rod or not.



ht_enterprisses_ice_rod_home6. HT Enterprises Ice Rod, 18-Inch, Ultra Light, Blue: HT Enterprises Ice Rod measures at 24 x 5x 7. It is 18 inches in length and 1.6 ounces in weight. The rod is light enough to undertake ice fishing easily. The medium action of this rod ensures to catch fishes easily. The rod is equipped with dark blue custom guide wrappings, fluorescent orange tips and Corkalon handles with rings for reel mounting.

south_bend_thin_ice_rod_home7. South Bend Thin Ice Rod – 24″: South Bend Thin Ice Rod measures at 24 inches and weighs at 2.4 ounces. The ice fishing rod has specifics that are ideal for ice fishing. There are features like no flex EV handle, tubular graphite blank with solid tip, chrome micro tip, stainless steel snake guides and dynaflow stripper guides. With these features, the user can easily catch fishes in frozen land areas. With light weight rod, users need not worry about target.

clam_dave_genz_home8. Clam Dave Genz Split Handle Series Ice Fishing Rod: Clam Dave Genz Split Handle Series Ice Fishing Rod is popularly used for ice fishing. The built is strong and sensitive enough to even tame huge predator fish. The split handle design of this fishing rod enables the user to handle the rod easily. Thus it increases balance, sensitivity, leverage and fighting power while taming fishes. The ice fishing rod is ideal to fish large species like salmon, pike, walleye, lake trout, etc…, The rod is available in six different sizes spanning from medium light to heavy action. The rod is made up of graphite wrapped fiberglass that makes it strong, sturdy and accurate for fishing. The rod includes features like stainless steel guide frames, cork handle, fore grip and tail, etc…,

ht_int_24sc_intrigue_home9. HT INT-24SC Intrigue XL 24-Inch Medium Rod and Reel Ice Combo: HT Enterprises is a renowned brand, manufacturing high end ice fishing rods. The HT INT-24SC Intrigue XL 24-Inch Medium Rod and Reel Ice Combo is majorly used in several places. The product has been made to ensure a strong and durable built. The rod is capable enough to face any aggressive situation with great ease. Weighing at 6.7 ounces the rod is ideal enough to face any situation easily. Reel Ice combo is durable.

st.croix_premier_ice_rod_home10. St. Croix Premier Ice Rod – 28″ Ultra Light (PIR28UL): Countries like Europe, North America, Greenland, Antarctica, etc… are covered with enormous snow. It is indeed fun fishing in these ice covered lands. Beneath ice layering there are fishes. St. Croix Premier 28 inches Ultra light ice fishing rod is simply ideal for undertaking ice fishing in these ice covered regions. This rod can be widely seen in the hands of several people. These rods comprise of stainless steel guides, traditional cork handle and solid carbon blank. The solid carbon blank enables the rod to perform with utmost strength, durability and sturdiness. Fishes like salmon and trout do not get easily caught. They strive hardly to free themselves from the clutches of bait. With sturdy built, it becomes easy for the user to fish with accuracy and control.