Clam Mackinaw Ice Fishing Rod

Published in Detail Review on 1st January 2021

Clam Mackinaw Ice Fishing RodProduct Introduction

Ice Fishing revolution was started by Clam Outdoors about 30 years ago when they created Fish Trap. Clam Outdoor manufactures all accessories which are required to be on ice. Line of jackets, boots, gloves, bibs and all other accessories are created by Clam Outdoors. Products manufactured by Clam means sturdy, durable and reliable and it reflect in everything they create. Clam Corporation is situated in Minnesota.

Product Details

Mackinaw Ice Fishing Rod and reels

Clam Mackinaw Ice Fishing Rod has various features:

  • Ice Fishing Rods created by Clam are built exclusively for lake fishing
  • With a choice of bait casting or spinning, Mackinaw rods are created by input given by Jason Mitchell, the fishing legend
  • The rods handles are designed longer than usual and for balancing purpose there is a reel seat
  • These rods are perfect for trapping large fish
  • The rod contains a hyper modulus graphite blank that minimizes the exhaustion that comes from jigging heavy lures
  • Various models are available in ice fishing rods like model No. 8483: 36″ long for Bait casting. Model No. 8481: 38″ long, spinning; Long Bait casting Model No. 8482: 34″
  • The price range starts from $39.99
  • Clam Mackinaw Ice Fishing Rod comes in different sizes like 34” and 36” in medium heavy weight range
  • Clam Mackinaw Ice Fishing Rods works has spiral wrap guides
  • The rod looks like a stick which is medium heavy in weight and can be used with confidence
  • The ice fishing rods can be stored in rod slicks which are used for storage of rods. These slicks are created to fix the problems if the rods need to be stored in a garage, or boat or a shed.
  • The rod slicks are available in various colors and types like Spinning slicks, ice fishing slicks and bait casting slicks which cost approximately $9.99 per item
  • Clam Mackinaw Ice Fishing Rods can be purchased online or by visiting any retail store
  • Most websites ships these rod for free in a couple of days

Mackinaw Ice Fishing RodAdvantages

Clam Mackinaw Ice Fishing Rod is available in various types like Jason Mitchell, Polar Trailer, IceArmor Hunt, Ice Team, Goose Antler Lodge, Clam Outdoors and Clam Ice Fishing. With Clam Mackinaw Ice Fishing Rod the company also manufactures thermals, sweatshirts, footwear, headwear, hand wear, base layer and outerwear. Clam also manufactures hunting accessories like replacement tent, poles, connectors, and hardware and patch kits. Also shelter accessories like travel kits, lights/fans and electrical items, shovels/safety, tools and seats and heaters are manufactured by Clam. The rods understands the light biting trouts in the lake


Clam Mackinaw Ice Fishing Rod is useful and most fishing enthusiasts own more than one fishing rod. The storage of these rods is difficult as it consumes too much space. Storing these rods can damage these rods. Organizing these rods is a complicated task.


Clam manufactures shelters and shelter accessories, fishing accessories, IceArmor, Augers, Tackles and Lures, Parts and Anglers corners for fishing enthusiasts. An authorized Clam dealer can be located on the website by entering address of zip code. All the products are available with the local dealer or nearest retail store which can be visited to get product description. Clam Mackinaw product can also be registered online. It is very easy. The customer is asked to fill details like brand purchased, receipt number and date, purchase price, retailer name, date of purchased and general credentials of the customer like name, address and contact number. Clam Mackinaw also provide online customer support information where the customer can ask questions/information about particular products. You can consider pros and cons of this product and then decide whether to go for it or not.


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