HT ICM-24 Iceman 24-Inch Medium Spin Ice Rod

Published in Detail Review on 2nd January 2021

Ht Icm-24 Iceman 24-inch Medium Spin Ice RodProduct Introduction

HT WJL-24L Little Jigger 24-Inch LT Wooden Jig Pole is very sturdy and long-lasting. It is designed for ice fishing applications by HT Enterprises Inc. HT Enterprises Inc is a well known name in the line of ice fishing tackle. These products are available throughout the United States, Canada and the world. These products are preferred and very popular amongst the fishing enthusiasts everywhere. The major focus of the HT Enterprises Inc is to help the dealers to achieve their target by providing the very best of ice fishing tackles in the world. HT Enterprises also strives hard to keep the cost of the products very minimal in order to also remain competitive in the market.HT Enterprises Inc also provides a hassle free and easy refund/exchange policy to their customers.

Product Details

  • Varnished hardwood handle and simplistic looks
  • Prepared with a graphite rod blank with an orange tip
  • 4-lb. test line, reel, bobber and hook
  • Spin Ice Rod 24 inch medium which is specifically created for ice fishing
  • The price of HT Ice Fishing Rod starts from $8.27
  • HT Ice Fishing Rod us light in weight
  • The HT WJL-24L Little Jigger 24-Inch LT Wooden Jig Pole is available at the price from around $10.53


Ice Fishing Equipment

  • Orange tip
  • Non-corroding
  • Great for fishing crappie, bluegill and perch
  • Easy returns
  • The Defective Goods allowance facilitates the customers to refund/exchange the product from the dealer in case of any defect in the product.
  • All defective products are covered under warranty for 90 days from the date of purchase
  • Only manufactured defective products are covered under warranty by HT Enterprises. The right of giving away the alternate product is with the HT Enterprises only in case of misuse. Normally 30 days are required for a product replacement.
  • HT WJL-24L Little Jigger 24-Inch LT Wooden Jig Pole can be purchased with our network of retailers and dealers which offer Hi-Tech fishing equipments and accessories.
  • HT products purchased online can be shipped within the United States only
  • The HT Enterprises marketing program displays fishing reviews and HT’s editorial review support all the HT Enterprise products.


Setting the reel tension on the reel screw nut can be difficult


This is one of the best in line products from the HT Enterprises for fishing. The wooden handle prevents the pole from rusting and corrosion. It is economical and worth buying as it is easy to use. It can used by the fishing enthusiast and even by the beginners till the experts. It is extremely great for crappie, bluegill and perch. Also the easy return policy provided by the HT Enterprises makes it even more efficient. The product list of HT Enterprises is huge; it has products like Ice Augers, Reels, Jig-A-Whopper Lures, Lure Packs & Kits, Shelters and Sleds, Safety items, Strike Alarms, Tip up Accessories, winter combos and accessories and clothing. HT Enterprises Inc partners with Wayne lzumi, Ron, Al, Jim Landner and Bob, who are the icons of the fishing industry. HT Enterprises advertise its products through television series. The customer service department offers wholesale discounts to sell maximum amounts. Fishing experts share their view/tips on the HT Enterprise Inc website about fishing techniques and their experience. Some of the pro tips are about Fishing big baits, How to manage in heavy snow conditions, How to do Fishing in windy conditions, Wrapping up the tip-ups at the end of the day, How to try micro systems for panfish, always checking Ice thickness before venturing out is important and Safety tips.


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