HT INT-24SC Intrigue XL 24-Inch Medium Rod and Reel Ice Combo

Published in Detail Review on 2nd January 2021

Ht Int-24sc Intrigue Xl 24-inch Medium Rod And Reel Ice ComboEnjoy Ice Fishing with Intrigue Xl 24-inch Medium Rod and Reel Ice Combo

Product Introduction

The Intrigue XL Reel Ice combo is a medium rod which is used for sports like ice fishing. The rod is medium in size and is provided with an HT. This HT Enterprise Ice rod is mainly used for ice fishing applications and is one of the most durable products in the market. Ice fishing is not known to many people and is a practice of catching the fish under the ice. A person sits on a stool on a frozen body and digs a hole in the ice. Through the hole the equipment digs a hole which is approximately 8 inches and a rod is inserted to catch fish. Across the world there are many ice fishing competitions held every year. Fishing expeditions are organized in many countries and the players take shelter on something above the ice normally an ice shack, fish house, bob house or an ice hut. These are the local names of the structures that are used to take shelter on the frozen ice. They are dragged using a snowmobile or a truck. When the rod to catch the fish, is inserted through the hole under the frozen body, it is difficult to keep the fishing hole open for a very long time especially if the temperature is -20F.

Product Details

Best Ice Fishing Rod and ReelThe HT INT-24SC Intrigue XL 24-Inch Medium Rod and Reel Ice Combo is a sports equipment from the brand HT and is a highly durable and robust piece of fishing equipment. This product can be purchased with full guarantee and confidence. The rod comes under the sports and fishing equipment category and is a fishing tackle. Right now this rod is only available in the United States. Most of the websites offer free and timely delivery of this rod if purchased online. Seasonal pricing is also applicable for some websites and the user can save up to 40% on fishing and boating equipments. This rod is one of the major inclusions of the fishing gear and makes the gear highly specialized. This HT INT-24SC Intrigue XL 24-Inch Medium Rod and Reel Ice Combo can easily fit in any car, especially in the back of the car and can be taken anywhere easily. This is a perfect partner if you are travelling in the woods. The rod has a proven track record of being a great equipment for the vertically deep jigging and big fishes can be landed with this rod. This HT Enterprises rod is highly recommended for all anglers and can be found in any topmost online stores. The price is reasonable and it is worth its value.

Ht Ice Fishing Rod


  • Reasonable price
  • Most reasonable deals when you buy it online
  • Durable and most recommended product for all anglers
  • Great quality product
  • Specially designed for ice fishing and makes an important part of the fishing gear
  • Fits easily on the back of the car
  • Can be carried easily in the woods


  • There are lots of products on the online store, you need to find out the one you need.
  • This can be wasting a lot of time
  • Continuous internet connection and knowledge of internet surfing is needed.


The rod is one of the most reputable and recommended products to all anglers. Purchasing this will be an addition to the highly specialized gear of ice fishing. The rod is advised to everyone as it is durable, fits easily in the car and guarantees the landing of big fishes. This could be the best fishing equipment worth the money you have spent. Still, you can think about all available options, compare pros, cons and then decide if it is the best option for you.


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