South Bend Thin Ice Rod – 24″

Published in Detail Review on 2nd January 2021

South Bend Thin Ice Rod- 24Product Introduction

South Bend started in the year 1906 in Illinois, from then it is known for its excellent fishing gears. These equipments are created to make the fishing experience more satisfying. South Bend manufactures Fishing rods for all ages and all skill levels (from beginners, to occasional fishing enthusiasts or professional fishermen) for anyone from individuals to families who want to enjoy fishing. South Bend fishing gears are inventive and worth. South Bend Thin Ice Rod is one of the unique products manufactured, which is sturdy and affordable.

Product Details

Ice Fishing Rod: South Bend Thin

  • South Bend Thin Ice Rod is available in 24” inches and 27” inches
  • The 24” rod costs at $12.18 and 27” South Bend Ice rod costs around $10.99
  • EVA handle with no flex
  • Stipper Guides, which are dynaflow
  • Snake guides which are made of stainless steel
  • Rod has a micro tip
  • Graphite tubular blank with rock-hard tip
  • Graphite slide rings
  • The South Bend Thin Ice Rod can be shipped within the United States
  • The South Bend Thin Ice Rod is a high quality product manufactured at low cost
  • The rod has excellent balance and with light action features
  • A sensible purchase for a fishing buff


South Bend Thin Rod and Reels

South Bend Thin Ice Rod is available in various types of fishing like Specialty rods, Spinning rods, Travel and Telescopic rods, Big water and Surf rods, Casting and Trigger rods and Fly fishing rods. With ice fishing rods other products which are available in South Bend are Fishing reels, Terminal Tackle, Tools and Equipments, Fishing lures, Youth products, Fly fishing gear and other branded products. The products are created by taking into consideration the consumer purchase decisions. Hence, while expanding the South Bend products the consumer need, reason to use, color of the product, product finish, collection of other products, product packaging and other key aspects are taken into account. South Bend also manufactures fishing gears for kids like ZooKids Combo, Take me Fishing 2 Pack, Take me Fishing Spin Combo and Take me Fishing Spincast. Fishing lures include Jigs, Hard baits, Soft baits, Flies and Poppers, Lure kits, Spoons and Spinners. South Bend also manufactures Terminal tackles which include Hooks and accessories, assortment packages, fishing lines, floats, leaders, rigs, non lead sinkers, tackle kits and Snaps and swivels. With South Bend products the company also includes other sub brands like Celsius Ice fishing, NGage Outfitters, R2F Fishing Combos, Redbone, Hurricane, Zoo Kids and River Monsters.


South Bend products are not available for sale to customers in retail stores. They can be purchased only through distribution channels, Maurice Sporting Goods.


South Bend has always manufactured products which are made for family. As a company South Bend aims at bringing all age groups together in a family to bridge the generation gap. Hence South Bend takes note of its customers and creates goods which they want, helping them getting together and making moments special. South Bend is also associated with corporate social responsibility in terms of arranging various charity events. A popular line of offshore and inshore saltwater rods – The Redbone, organizes the Redbone Celebrity Tournament Series to raise funds and help the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Under the name of Bright Pink, South Bend manufactured two new combos for female fishers to like fishing and alternatively educate women on Breast and Ovarian cancer. Take Me Fishing is a nonprofit organization which aims at inheriting the skill of fishing and conservation and boating amongst youth. It educates the youth to know the importance of safeguarding our environment and fishing. So, make your decision wisely. Compare all available options and buy the product that suits all your needs.


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