St. Croix Premier Ice Rod – 28″ Ultra Light (PIR28UL)

Published in Detail Review on 3rd January 2021

St. Croix Premier Ice Rod - 28St Croix Ice Fishing Rod

Product Introduction

St. Croix has been a legend from last many years and has transformed the fishing world by continuously giving some of the best fishing sports equipments. The fishing world has seen a major turnover in terms of the technological growth and varieties of sports equipments. The St. Croix rods have patented and are known for the super fine quality and adjustable spring bobber that helps the rod stand fixed on the hole. St. Croix rods are one of the premium equipments any angler can have in their gear. They also offer different combos and are a rock solid possession to start ice fishing. The unique way of making these rods can make the normal fisherman into the fish catching machines.

St. Croix Premier Ice Rod

Product Details

St. Croix Premier Ice rod comes in 28 inches and comes in an ultra light-making. The rod has a solid carbon blank, which is for extreme sensitivity and durability. The rod boasts of the traditional cork handle which gives an amazing look to the equipment. Purchasing it online may offer many discounts and seasonal pricing may be applicable on the boating and fishing products. The rod is just the perfect equipment for everyone and every person could feel that the immensely powerful and yet very lightweight rod is one amazing possession.

St. Croix has been in the manufacturing of some of the extraordinary rods over the years. The tip of the ice fishing rod is used to jig the ice. The Ice fishing methods have changed drastically over the years and the game is called as Mobility. The nowadays anglers accepted the modern ways of fishing by using the battery operated sonar units, augers and their highly specialized high end gears. Today’s anglers can dig as many as hundreds of holes in a day and need all modern and high end equipments to meet his demands. St. Croix is the one who can provide all the best sports and fishing equipments for all modern day anglers.

Ice Rod: St. Croix Premier


  • The most established and renowned brand.
  • Lots of varieties in the rods
  • The user needs to select from a wide choice of equipments
  • Durable, well balanced and innovative design
  • Stainless steel guide is light in weight
  • The rod has a built in strike indicator system
  • Handle that increases the grip
  • Performance more than expected
  • They can last a few seasons and sturdy
  • These rods come with a 5 year guarantee
  • Made with durable carbon and graphite fibers


  • The user may get overwhelmed by the wide choice of fishing equipments and forget what he wants
  • The activity can get stressful with a variety of fishing equipment rather than enjoying the relaxing activity
  • Needs internet connection if you are purchasing it online
  • The rods of St. Croix need a little practice before you get used to it.


St. Croix boasts of their advanced rod making technologies which results in better, lighter, durable and sensitive ice fishing rods. The company offers a wide variety of rods that are used for the freshwater and saltwater fishing. St. Croix fishing rods are highly recommended for all avid anglers for the best performance and great quality. This rod is an excellent option in the high end gear of any angler and is best for twitching the tip of the rod to jig ice. This rod is a must have in the sled of all anglers. This could be the best ice fishing rod and can be a great solution for all your ice fishing trips and the rod comes with a 5 year guarantee. But you can consider the advantages and disadvantages and then decide if it is the right choice for you.


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